Is there a right time to enter into motherhood?

   Let's be honest, the birds and the bees talk was difficult for my parents to talk about. So you better believe my parents were not ready to explain the difference between a caesarean section or vaginal birth. Or how hard the recovery time was for each that was left for my OBGYN to explain to me during pregnancy 🤭. I always thought that having a baby would be a smooth and well thought out process! Pregnancy simply said is a PROCESS! Pregnancy with multiples is coined a not-so-normal pregnancy. There's so many terms that doctor's use to describe what the body is going through with having multiples. I remember during many ultrasounds I've asked the doctor to explain the terms she meant so I can understand what she was referencing.  

  Motherhood, for me, has been a journey! I've learned so much about myself that I was unaware of. You really discover how much patience you have when the children are sick, crying, and frustrated! I cried if they were crying because I did not want them to feel pain. There are many emotions that run through you. This journey has led me to the decision of starting my own business. I want my children to know that I have left something for them and have given back. 

  Let's get to the burning question:"Is there a right time to enter into motherhood?". The answer to that question: "No"! There always seem to be a something that gets in the way. When you are ready it will be your time! I get this question a lot: "Will there be any kids in the near future?" The answer to that question is: "TBD🤣"! Listen ya"ll I've had the twins as my first biggest blessing. I welcomed a third child June 2021! I think this is god's way of telling me, "You ready?". I am grateful for the three! I could not have been more ready to become a mom. Although, the road to becoming a mother is challenging and is an emotional roller coaster it is better when you see the smiles on their faces. "Ready, I am!"