Daily Skincare Routines

 There's many so many combinations to make or follow a basic regimen to help you get started. Which one is best, you ask?! It all depends on how the skin will react to new products & new routines. A great way to start is to understand the skin types. There's dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and there is the mix of it all!

Here are some easy morning and evening routines that can begin or help your skin:

 Morning Skincare 

CC Serum - Reduces the appearance of discoloration and creates an even skin tone. Caribbean orange oil promotes radiance, clarity, and a smooth texture for the skin. Also, helps with reducing acne and uncomfortable skin. The citrus stem cells with vitamin C. 

Herbal Eye Gel - The blue cream has a cooling effect for the eye to help reduce wrinkles and dark spots. Believe us this stuff works when applied twice a day (morning + night)! Turmeric in the formula helps to remove dark spots and dirt from the eye. If you don't believe us, check out the client photo on the herbal eye gel photos. 

Face Moisturizer - This aloe infused water is goodness for the face as you wake and start your day. Helping to renew tired skin with intense moisture and hydration! A little tip to dampen the face first and then apply the face moisture because it helps to lock in the hyaluronic acid. 


 Evening Skincare 

Charcoal Mask - The Charcoal Mask packs a punch with feeling the cleanse! The 3 action clays are being worked into the skin by creating a firm, exfoliated and cleansed face after the mask application. 

Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser - All of the luxurious oils are in this cleanser! Oil cleanser's are on the rise with replacing the traditional facial wash. It's good to still have your favorite facial wash around 😉. This oil cleanse is packed with marula, rosehip, and avocado oils! Marula oil helps skin conditions like eczema and stretch marks.  

Herbal Eye Gel - If you read the morning routine, you know to apply this eye gel 2x a day! 

Nightwear Cream - Luxurious lavender scented cream! This cream is applied at night to help the skin recharge focusing on reducing wrinkles and maintaining firm skin while sleeping! Not to worry, your pillow is safe because it is not greasy!