Health & Wellness: The Reality of My Postpartum

The Reality of My Postpartum
   After having the twins, my body felt empty. I fell into a deep depression after the twins. I entered the hospital with babies in stomach and was leaving empty handed. I cried on my way back home but knew they were in the best of care. I used their time in the NICU to get my strength back  in my body after the c-section. Gosh, they don't tell you how bad it hurts after the c-section! We traveled back and forth everyday to the hospital to see the twins up until there last days in the NICU. It was a month and a half wait but we were thrilled, excited, and nervous. It's great to have the help from the nurses and doctors to tell you what's wrong but when you're home its 100% all you! We juggled the late night feedings, sleeping in between their naps, and everything in between! 
  I was no longer the same person from a year ago. I was changed forever to become a mother to twins. Instantly, I also became a new wife because my priorities would be the safety of my family first. Now, before I go further when I say a new "wife" what I mean is that it was no longer the husband and I. We are now "new" parents too twins and everything in our world would now be doubled. It took some time getting used to waking up to feed the twins at night, carrying two car seats at the same time, and finding time to be with each other! It took me a whole year to finally gain stability from knocking the depression to juggling the twins and working full time. It took my husband to encourage and lift me up everyday to get out of the postpartum hump! 
Here are a few steps that I've used to help dig me out of my postpartum hump:
  1. Resist all urges to feel down about yourself. Instead, look to positivity in everything that you do (easier said than done but believe me it works!). 
  2. Take a nap while the infants are sleeping! Crucial, because you have been losing sleep also nap when you can.
  3. Exercise! When you are finally fully rested do small workouts to keep everything flowing properly (Listen, it took me a year to lose the weight. It will happen!)
  4. Do something for yourself, daily! This is where I've found and used my skincare routines it creates the time for me to focus, relax, and care for myself. Find your happy place within your home to unwind. I also like to read before bed and any time in-between.
  5. Lastly, do not forget about the spouse! Find time to still have a night out on the town! You both will need it from time to time. 

  It is going to take time! It took me a whole year to begin to feel like my old self. There will be hurdles to get through. If you need to talk to someone, find the necessary help. I denied my postpartum depression and felt all alone. I could have expressed my feelings to my husband, OBGYN, and/or therapist. Whatever you have to do to get out of the postpartum hump DO IT! It is going to be worth it in the long run and you will not feel like you've wasted any time.