Can you imagine being hospitalized for fifty-two days in the labor and delivery unit? This was my reality in the summer of 2018 until the birth of my twins in September 2018. I was admitted into the hospital at twenty-three weeks with my first children, a set of twins (This pregnancy was a shocker and a miracle all at once)! There were so many medical examinations, IV’s, and doctor’s I could not keep up. The only thing I really wanted to do was to take a shower! I was in need of some self-care to think and pray about my children and these vast decisions. Unfortunately, after only being admitted for a short period of time I would have to wait. 

My morning nurse, whispered to me that I was cleared to have normal routines. I screamed in excitement and hugged her. This meant that I could finally have the much-needed self-care I longed for since being admitted. Before, taking a shower I asked the nurse for all of the essentials like lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. Hey now, remember I was rushed to the hospital there was no time to gather any of my normal essentials. She left the room to gather the essentials that I needed for my new normal of being admitted as a long-term patient. As soon as I used these products, I knew right away the hospital’s skin care products was not what my skin needed! My skin needed moisture! The shampoo made my hair stiff and the deodorant did not have long-lasting wear.

I knew that after my ten weeks stay in the hospital helped me focus on the importance of skincare & self-care. Becoming a new mom is also nerve-wrecking. Many thoughts ran through my mind and I started to doubt everything. Was I prepared to become a mother? Was I prepared for the delivery of this pregnancy? What am I going to do? I knew if I had these feelings how can I help the next new mom or any mom relieve tension?

SELF-CARE through SKINCARE! This is why I began my skincare journey. I want my products to help relieve anyone who is feeling uncertain about life’s pressure and take the time to refocus on you through your skincare routine. Routines are a great measure to focus on how to start or complete your day.

Welcome, my name is Minasemma Ramon (pronounced Mena-se-ma) the Founder & CEO of Empress Allure!!  I am from New York. I enjoy laughter, reading novels, and motivational speaking. My biggest inspiration is my growing family. They are the reason why I started this skin care line. Women empowerment and entrepreneurship are two important key factors in my life. I want to inspire other women to believe in accomplishing their goals. Entrepreneurship is very important to me because I believe in financial freedom and running a successful business. One day, I want to be able to give back the gift of education by teaching others how to succeed with becoming an entrepreneur.

I cannot wait for you to begin your skincare journey with Empress Allure! I hope that you enjoy our products and share with us how it has impacted your skin care journey!