Welcome, my name is Minasemma Ramon (pronounced Mena-se-ma) the Founder & CEO of Empress Allure!!  I am from New York. I enjoy laughter, reading novels, and motivational speaking.

I started this skin care line to help people feel more confident with their skin appearance. One of my own skin care concerns was moisture and dryness. In the past, I've used many skin care products that did not meet my skin care needs. I've decided to sell products that will help to hydrate, moisturize, and exfoliate the skin to enhance appearance and appear radiant. 

My biggest inspiration is my family.  They are the reason why I started this skin care line. Also women empowerment and entrepreneurship are two key factors in my life. I want to inspire other women to believe in accomplishing their goals. Entrepreneurship is very important to me because I believe in financial freedom and running a successful business. One day, I want to be able to give back the gift of education by teaching others how to succeed with becoming an entrepreneur.

Thank you for supporting and purchasing products from Empress Allure. I hope that you enjoy your products and share with us how it has impacted your skin care journey!